Board of directors

Except for matters which – in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation - falling within the competence of the General meeting, the Board of directors overall guides the business processes within the group.

The competence of the Board of Directors determined within the Company's Charter.

The board of directors has been elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders on June 30, 2015. At present , the board has 5 members.



Vadim O. Korsakov

Vadim O. Korsakov has graduated from the State Marine Technical University of Saint Petersburg, and Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.

Mr. Korsakov has great experience in finance and credit: he have worked in project finance for 7 years, and in securities markets having relevant certificates from Russia and USA.

From 2007 to 2011 he has hold the position of general director of RWM Capital Asset Management Company which specializes in asset management of closed-end funds, pension reserves and assets.

In November 2011, Mr. Korsakov was appointed to the post of Deputy Executive Director of Non-State Pension Fund BLAGOSOSTOYANIE, which oversees the unit of asset management and investments.


Yury V. Novozhilov


Yury V. Novozhilov has graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University with a degree in Theoretical Economics. He has extensive experience in corporate and investment management, held executive positions with a number of large financial companies.

For 5 years, Mr. Novozhilov held the position of First Deputy Head of the Corporate Finances Department of OAO Russian Railways. In 2009, he has become the CEO of OAO TransCreditBank.

In February 2012, Mr. Novozhilov was appointed to the position of Executive Director of Non-State Pension Fund BLAGOSOSTOYANIE.

Since February, 2013 – Executive Director of Non-State Pension Fund BLAGOSOSTOYANIE


Andrey V. Denisenkov

Graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University, Andrey V. Denisenkov also holds an MBA degree from IMD Business School (Switzerland). Having extensive experience in financial planning and investment management, he was a member of the management teams of OAO TransCreditBank and KIT Finance Investment Bank.

In March 2012, Andrey Denisenkov headed the Project Finance Department of Non-State Pension Fund BLAGOSOSTOYANIE, responsible for managing the portfolio of direct investments and real estate.



Maarten Leo Pronk


Maarten Leo Pronk has graduated from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in "Economic Geography". Has a 15 years’ experience in the Russian financial market.

Mr. Pronk was a member of the supervisory boards of companies from different industries, located in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan including Fortis Insurance Russia, Fortis Insurance Ukraine, KIT Fortis Asset management Russia, Bank IBG Nikoil Russia, Avtobank Russia, National Registration Company Russia and Nikoil Bank Azerbaijan.

Since October 2009, Mr. Pronk is a partner of P & Z GMBH in the field of financial consulting.

Mr. Pronk is fluent in seven languages, including Russian.

At PJSC “UCS", Mr. Pronk holds the post of Independent director.


Robert Eduard van Leeuwen


Robert Eduard van Leeuwen graduated from Groningen University with a Master’s degree in mathematics and subsequently became a Qualified Actuary and full member of the Dutch Actuarial Society. Furthermore, he is a holder of the Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance, issued by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

During 1990 – 1996, Robert Eduard van Leeuwen worked with Coopers & Lybrand’s consulting division, first in the Netherlands and the last two years in Russia. In 1997 – 1998, Robert Eduard van Leeuwen was technical director and member of the management board at an insurance company in the Netherlands. In 1999-2000 he worked as a consulting actuary and insurance expert with Towers Perrin.

Since 2001, Robert Eduard van Leeuwen has been working on a combination of international donor projects and assignments for private sector clients in the CIS. He has lead several large projects concerning state pension reform, the improvement of state budgeting for social expenditure, development of quality standards for social services, the introduction of social insurance legislation and the design and implementation of a system of targeted social assistance. Furthermore, Robert Eduard van Leeuwen has extensive experience in assisting insurance companies in the areas of strategy, finance, actuarial issues, administration and IT solutions.

Robert is fluent in Dutch, English, Russian and German.

At PJSC “UCS", Mr. Van Leeuwen holds the position of Independent director.