Public Joint Stock Company "United Credit Systems" (PJSC "UCS") was registered in November 2012. The main activity of PJSC "UCS" is the investment operations, including the purchase and sale of any securities, any investment in securities and property.

The shareholders of PJSC "UCS" are management companies, which manage pension reserves of non-state pension fund "BLAGOSOSTOYANIE". As March 31, 2018 the amount of equity assets of NPF “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE" was 388 billion rubles.

                           Key business indicators according to the RAS as of September, 30, 2019 

                                                                                                                                      thousands rubles

   Non-current assets OR: capital assets OR: out of circulation assets

 12 044 139

   Current assets OR: working assets OR: circulation assets

 2 718 438

Total assets

 14 762 578 


 14 759 829                            

   Long-term liabilities OR: fixed liabilities


   Current liabilities OR: short-term liabilities

 2 705

             including accounts payable 

   1 416

Total liabilities

 14 762 578

Absolut bank

Established in 1993, the bank has about 200 thousand clients all over Russia and has its place among the TOP-10 largest mortgage banks in Russia by the RBC Rating agency. By the end of 2015 the amount of mortgage portfolio increased by 12% up to 54.5 billion rubles. Successful securitization and high rankings of mortgage bonds merely confirm high quality of the bank’s portfolio.

Financial strength of Absolut Bank is also verified with the international agencies’ ratings. Moody’s assigned the bank “B1” for foreign long-term deposits and Fitch gives “B+” for long-term issuer default as well as “A-(rus)” in accordance with its national Russian scale. Absolut Bank is also a member of the National Russian Deposits Security System.  

The bank has more than 35 thousand corporate clients from different economic sectors such as consumer goods, metals, machine-building, automobile, oil, energy, food and processing industries, telecommunications and information technologies, construction, commerce, transportation, pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment production, publishing and printing, chemical industry, agribusiness and other branches. Absolut Bank offers all of its corporate clients a full spectrum of financial services, including all types of financing, a package of cash and settlement services, additional investment and other opportunities.
One of the strategic priorities for Absolut Bank is development of services in the segment of private banking. In every area of its business, the bank offers new terms, some of them being the most attractive on the market, and excellent service.
Absolut Bank is represented by 51 offices in 14 regions of Russia. 

Go to the official website www.absolutbank.ru


Partner of PJSC "UCS" in asset management is CJSC MC "Transfingroup".

CJSC "UK" Transfingroup" specializes in asset management of pension reserves of non-state pension funds and ranked among top-2 leaders by volume of pension reserves of non-governmental pension funds under management. By the end of the first half of 2016, the amount of assets under management amounted to almost 210 billion rubles. Company's own funds amounted to 352.5 million rubles by 30.06.2016. 

Go to the official website http://www.tfgroup.ru/